MB Estate Planning provides Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Pre-paid Funeral Plans to help your family protect it’s wealth and pass it to future generations in a tax efficient way.

We help families to ensure that their wealth benefits the members of the family and isn’t lost to easily avoidable risks.

We specialise in helping families where there are concerns about health, disability or mental capacity. Whether it is an elderly parent, spouse or disabled child, I offer a range of trust options to help look after your loved ones now and in the future.

A lifetime of hard work to build wealth can be lost to risks like care fees, bankruptcy, breakup of relationships and divorce. A little bit of planning now can ensure that wealth survives life’s misfortunes and passes to the right people on death.

Over 27 million peope in the UK have never made a Will. Many have out of date arrangements that have not been reviewed for years.

More than 200,000 family homes are sold every year to fund Local Authority care costs.

In excess of 100,000 marriages end in divorce every year and co-habiting partners have no automatic rights to a share of the wealth of their partner.

Over 18,000 businesses go bankrupt every year.

Many families fail to make effective use of the Nil Rate Band and Residential Nil Rate Band for Inheritance Tax or pay unnecessary Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty.

The majority of the population have little or no protection whatsoever against these risks to their wealth.

We offer a free review and will give an straight forward opinion about whether our services will work for your particular circumstances.

In most cases solving these problems costs less than doing nothing and ignoring the risks could cost you everything.